Lady Gaga Is The Proud New Owner Of A Versace Purse Tree

No, she don't want no shrub.

From wearing raw slabs of meat as a dress to using a giant egg as her primary means of transportation, Lady Gaga has never done things the traditional way, to say the least. Thankfully her uber-famous fashion designer besties Donatella and Allegra Versace understand Mother Monster's need for all that is unique and decided to gift the "Applause" singer with a purse tree.

That's right: a "purse tree."


Gaga has always had a great relationship with Versace, and just thinking about the glam spread from her Spring/Summer 2014 campaign she did for them brings back memories of major hair envy (but like really tho, HOW IS IT SO PERFECT AND STRAIGHT?!). Clearly the legendary fashion house still feels buckets of "amore" for Gaga, since they gave her quite the present while she was in Milan promoting her latest album Cheek To Cheek.

She captioned the pic, "Incredible Donatella and Allegra Versace sent me a purse tree. Such classy beautiful women, I feel so lucky to know them they've made my stay in Milan always so perfect and good friends to me. Their friendship is the real gift. 4 purses 3 flower trees. The stuff childhood girly dreams are made. I will adore and cherish them AMORE."

A purse tree. A freakin' flower-covered purse tree. Consider us dead.

The next time someone tries to make something up to us with a bouquet of flowers, we're just going to show them this picture and stomp away dramatically while "Just Dance" plays faintly in the distance. Over and OUT.