Nicki Minaj's Pinkprint Cover Art Shocked Us -- For A Different Reason Than You'd Expect

Why so tame, Nicki?

Every time Nicki Minaj releases a piece of art -- whether it be a new video or single cover, I'm expecting to see her bare a$$, or some similar level of exposure. It's not exactly my fault, because nothing was the same after "Anaconda," but this weekend her Minajesty really surprised me with the deluxe artwork for her upcoming album The Pinkprint.

The cover was designed by Kanye West's collective, DONDA, and it was pretty minimalist and very literal. It features...a pink finger print, set against a stark white background.

It's basically the complete opposite of Nicki's usual aesthetic. You can see what I mean below. (Note: Nicki did specify that is only the deluxe cover art, so maybe we'll get some more skin for the standard cover?)

Her "Lookin' Ass" video was all "Kill Bill" meets "Scarface"

Crochet body suit and machine guns...

Her "Anaconda" cover art sent shock waves across the Internet (and under the sea)

She damn near gave Drake a stroke in the "Anaconda" video

Her VMA performance left little to the imagination

Her single "Only" starts with an opening line that will made you choke

“I never f—ked Wayne, I never f—ed Drake...”

Her Halloween costume looked like this

And even her MTV EMA promo included hamburgers with double butt buns

But hey, Nicki is also the only person who didn't think the "Anaconda" video was sexy at all...