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TDE President Punch Takes A Break From His Day Job To Drop 'My Darling Nicki'—Listen

But when will we get a full project from the TDE boss?

Punch is a renaissance man if there ever was one.

There’s his day job—running Top Dawgz Entertainment, a little label that manages a few artists you might have heard of including SZA, Schoolboy Q, and Kendrick Lamar—and then there’s his side hustle, running the field with the players as a technically proficient and lyrically complex rapper. Like all great managers, he knows when to mix business with pleasure.

Punch has just released his latest song, a brief, melancholy track called “My Darling Nicki (interlude).” Over a loping, smooth instrumental that wouldn't sound out of place on a SZA record, Punch waxes nostalgic for a lost love: “I miss your confidence, your arrogance, the non nonsense way that you deal with them,” he opines. “Ride or die she will pop that clip in, and if i say the word she will go the distance.”

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He has a deft hand with internal rhyme schemes, easily piecing together hypnotic phrases: “It’s punch drunk love, intoxicated, hypnotized for your deadly fragrance” he raps. “Explode on contact no hesitation.

Punch released a song back in 2011 with Kendrick Lamar called Project Window, and there’s long been speculation that he will drop an album called My Project Window. Seeing as this track is titled an interlude, could it hint at a larger project in the works? Only time will tell, but we sure hope so.