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Artist To Watch: There's A New Nick Jonas In Town

Re-acquaint yourself with the onetime Jonas Brother, watch an exclusive live performance of 'Jealous' and more.

The majority of our picks for MTV Artist To Watch are relatively new on the music scene. They haven't sold millions of albums worldwide or held down starring roles on multiple TV shows, and they certainly don't have a single Broadway credit to their name.

Clearly, Nick Jonas is not your typical Artist To Watch.

You know who Nick Jonas is, I know who Nick Jonas is, we all know who Nick Jonas is -- or, at least we know who Nick Jonas was. And with the impending release of his self-titled debut album as a solo artist, out November 10, let's take a second to catch up with the young man.

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Who He Is

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Massive, already-established fame aside, the 21-year-old singer was born in Dallas, raised in New Jersey. He's got two older brothers, Kevin and Joe, and together they formed pop-rock trio The Jonas Brothers.

Again, stuff you probably already know, but hold on.

After releasing four albums together, not to mention starring in Disney Channel's "Jonas L.A." and the "Camp Rock" series of TV movies, the JoBros took a break in 2009, shortly after which Nick's side project, Nick Jonas & The Administration, released their debut album, Who I Am.

Hopes for a Jonas Brothers reunion were dashed in late 2013, when the guys announced that the band had officially broken up. #neverforget

"I had a pretty amazing run with my brothers and experienced some truly incredible things that I will always be proud of," Nick said in a release about the older, less shirtless phase of his career. "At the same time, I view this next step as a chance to do that over again." But, the question remains: Should you stick around for this do-over?

Why You Should Listen To Him

From crooning about "wine-stained lips" on "Chains" to lamenting the attention his "sexy, beautiful" ladyfriend gets on "Jealous," Nick's new material is definitely too hot for Disney Channel older.

And that makes sense -- Nick is literally older. Over eight years have passed since the very first Jonas Brothers album dropped, and, as anyone who grows and matures and stuff can tell you, a lot can happen in that time. Whatever preconceived notions you might have about the guy, they're probably worth rethinking.

What You Should Listen To

Which songs off Nick Jonas should you check out? That depends on what you're into, and, from what we've heard so far, the LP's going to have a pretty varied, yet cohesive, pop sound.

"Wilderness" has elements of an Electric Light Orchestra-meets-MIKA sing-along, whereas "Jealous" looks to Marvin Gaye and other '70s slow-jam singers for inspiration. "Numb," featuring Angel Haze, on the other hand, is a pulsing trap-gone-pop creation that any fan of Katy Perry's "Dark Horse" or Iggy Azalea's "Black Widow" should definitely hear.

What You Should Look At


In case you've been without an Internet connection for the past two months, have a good long look at Nick's shirt-averse cover of Flaunt magazine's Grind Issue.

He's been on a bit of a shirtless tear as of late, partially as a means to show some love to the gay male members of his fan base -- though something tells us that his straight female counterparts are getting something out of it, too.

What's Next

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This coming weekend is going to be a one-two punch of awesomeness for Nick Jonas' fans. (And yes, that may or may not have been a reference to his MMA fighter character on "Kingdom.")

Tune into MTV on Sunday, November 9, to watch him perform "Jealous" during the 2014 MTV EMA kickoff in Miami, hosted by Nick Cannon, Molly Tarlov and Jake Miller. The following day, Nick will release his debut album as a solo artist, Nick Jonas. Whether you're new to the Nick Jonas flock, or long-obsessed, don't worry -- you'll get through this.

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