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Here's How One Of Disney World's Brand New Roller Coasters Caught On Fire

The Seven Dwarfs' Mine Train was shut down for nearly two hours.


The Most Magical Place on Earth was a lot less magical than normal last night (November 1) when a small section of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train ride caught fire at Magic Kingdom. According to official reports from a Disney spokeswoman, the ride caught fire around 10:20 p.m. when embers from fireworks landed on the ride's outside building.

Bo Jones, the spokesman for the local Reedy Creek Fire Department added, "We believe fireworks fell from the Magic Kingdom fireworks show and the ash landed at the top of the attraction, catching the fake grass on fire. The fire was contained to just the grass and did not get into the building or structure.”

Thankfully, the fire was put out within minutes. Riders were quickly evacuated and the ride reopened to the public around two hours later.

However, that didn't stop many from capturing the fire and sharing it on social media. Check out video of the fire below!