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'The Walking Dead': Every Scream-Worthy Moment On 'Slabtown'

'Everything costs something, right?'

It's been over seven months since we last saw Beth Greene (Emily Kinney) on "The Walking Dead." But this week (November 2), not only is she back, but we find out what happened to her in the intervening time, what was up with that car with the cross... And got a brand new threat for the rest of the group to face.

Here are all the biggest moments on "Slabtown:"

They Are Survivors, They're Not Gon Give Up

Almost immediately we meet a whole new group of survivors living a very, very different life than Rick and crew. While Grimes' Group is leisurely being picked off by cannibals, the group at Grady Memorial Hospital has been living in a dictatorship ruled over by the unhinged Officer Dawn Learner.

Because "Dawn of the Dead," and she's not a very fast learner, we guess?

Anyway, there's also an initially friendly doctor named Steven Edwards, and an officer who works for Dawn named Sir Rapesalot, or possibly Gorman, unclear.

The society boils down to indentured servitude for the people Dawn "rescues" from the outside world, like Beth - as well as fellow prisoners Noah (new cast-member Tyler James Williams), and Joan (Academy Award nominee Keisha Castle-Hughes making a surprisingly short appearance). And as an added bonus, Gorman likes to take sexual advantage of the women, so that's pretty fun.

You Say Po-Rotter, I Say Po-Walker

Little thing, but we get yet another name for zombies that isn't zombies on the show, as the Grady Gang calls them "rotters." Still 1000 times smarter than "walkers," right? Because when you look at a zombie, is your first thought, "My god, that thing is walking!" Probably not.

Worst Trick Or Treat Session Ever

Just a few short days after Halloween, Beth gets involved in the worst use of candy of all time. After Gorman finds a lollypop Noah has given her, he proceeds to shove it in and out of her mouth, after he's already sucked it. There's the obvious very, very rapey layer here, but beyond that this was easily the grossest scene in the episode - and this week someone graphically got their arm sawed off.

Richmond Has Ridges

It's a very small detail, but Noah mentions to Beth that he comes from Richmond, Virginia. "They have walls," Noah tells her... And though Richmond is two hours down the road from Alexandria, Virginia - a major location in the comics - this is our first clue as to where the show is probably going next.

Atlanta Has Fallen

Though we briefly revisited the fall of Atlanta in season two, we haven't been back to the city proper in a good long while. It's surprising - and shocking - to see how much nature has taken the burnt apart city back, as Edwards shows Beth from the roof. Here's hoping we get to see more of civilization when some of the Group hits D.C.

You're No Anthony Edwards, Dr. Edwards

Sadly, Dr. Edwards shares less with actor Anthony Edwards' portrayal of Dr. Greene (hey! weird parallels!) on "E.R." than one might hope. He tricks Beth into murdering a fellow doctor so that he'll still be necessary... And by episodes' end he's revealed to be a coward, which is probably the biggest death sentence on this show next to being happy.

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Joan Of Lack Of Arc

It's supremely surprising to see an Academy Award winner like Keisha Castle-Hughes appear (and of note, her character was named Amber online, but is called Joan in the episode for no particular reason we can tell) only in one episode, but at least she goes out on a high note.

After having her arm amputated, she kills herself in Dawn's office, lying on the floor after scrawling a partially hidden-for-TV "F--k You" on the linoleum.

Beth is sexually attacked by Gorman, who then gets smacked in the head with a canister of lollypops (R.I.P. lollypops) and eaten by a turned Joan.

Surprisingly as well, that's not the end of Grady Memorial, though it is the end of Gorman, Joan and one other rando.

What's The Complicated Escape Plan That Doesn't Work?

Shaft! While Dawn's crew tries to take down Joan Rebourne, Noah and Beth use the opportunity to escape down an elevator shaft Grady Memorial has been using to dump dead (non-turned) bodies. Does Noah get grabbed by a walker (sorry, rotter) on the way down? Yup! Is the basement filled with zombies illuminated only by flashes of Beth's crack shots? Yup. Are there tons of the undead outside the hospital, halting their escape?

Well... No. Beth has a seemingly unlimited supply of bullets and perfect aim, but only Noah escapes. Beth is taken down by Dawn and company, but the good news is, Beth has gotten her groove back. Like Rick said at the end of last season, Dawn is screwing with the wrong people...

Carol Returns

...And by people, we mean the shocking appearance of Carol (Melissa McBride) at the end of the episode, who is taken into the hospital as a patient. Things sure look bad, particularly as we're still wondering who came out of the woods with Daryl (Norman Reedus) at the end of the last episode. Seems like that might be Noah, and if we had a guess about how Carol ended up on a stretcher? She's playing possum. Grady, Dawn and the rest are probably not too long for this world.

What did you think about "Slabtown?" Predictions for next week's episode?