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Drake Takes His 'Only' Flirtation With Nicki Minaj To The Next Level With This Pic

This is just so Drake of him.

Drake has a long history of public displays of affection for Nicki Minaj, most recently expressing his heart during their collaboration “Only,” which also features Lil Wayne. “I never f—d Nicki cause she got a man but when that’s over I’m the first in line,” he raps. “And the other day in her Maybach I thought God Damn, this is the perfect time.”

Now he’s elevating his PDA into the realm of art. Today (November 2) Drake posted a cartoon on his Instagram depicting a moment of heated sexual tension between him and his Young Money cohort.

Nicki straddles Drake, a mic in her hand and his arm around her back, as he glares at her with a lurid expression of unfulfilled desire. All things considered, this may be the most intense flirtation between employees of the same company since Season 2 of The Office.

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“How about now?” wheedles cartoon Drizzy, via a screenshot of an iPhone text conversation. Nicki’s cryptic still-texting ellipsis lends the tableau an air of drama.

If this image leaves you gasping for more, now would be a good time to revisit our guide to the storied history of Drake and Nicki’s sexual tension.

Of course, we all saw this played out in that, uh, vigorous chair dancing scene at the end of her "Anaconda" video, too.

But when we talked to Nicki back then, she continued to affirm that the two are just friends.

And though Nicki is an avid Instagrammer too, she's yet to respond to Drake's post.

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