Cry While You Watch The Reunion Between Recovered Ebola Nurse Nina Pham And Her Dog

After she got better, the Texas nurse only wanted one thing—her dog back.

Get your tissues ready, because the reunion between Nina Pham and her dog Bentley will probably make you tear up.

Nina Pham is the 26-year-old Texas nurse who was diagnosed with Ebola on October 11 after caring for Liberian national Thomas Eric Duncan, who eventually succumbed to the disease that same week. After her diagnosis, Pham was moved to National Institutes of Health's hospital in Maryland where she was treated for Ebloa until October 24, when she was released. But even though Nina had fully recovered, her dog Bentley was still under a three week quarantine.

Dallas Animal Services and Adoption Center

It was unclear whether or not the puppy had contracted the disease, so the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel was tested twice and kept in isolation and cared for by Dallas Animal Services. The Center for Disease Control states that there is limited evidence regarding whether or not pets can contract Ebola, but the precautions were necessary given the recent Ebola epidemic.

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The care for Bentley was expensive, but mostly covered by donations, grants and presents from people all over the nation who wanted to support Nina and Bentley during this tough period.

Finally, on Saturday (November 1), both of his tests came back negative so Bentley was restored to his owner Nina—who could probably use the companionship and love of a dog now more than ever before! Right before he was released, the Spaniel had to go through one extra safety measure—a bath.

Dallas Animal Services and Adoption Center—who cared for Bentley during his quarantine—posted several adorable photos of the pup in his final stages before freedom and reunion.

Dallas Animal Services and Adoption Center
Dallas Animal Services and Adoption Center

And a video of the tearful, joyous reunion between Nina and Bentley.

Pham also deliverd a speech in a press conference, thanking the Dallas community and everyone who cared for her and sent support during her illness.

"Bentley re-entering my life is another reminder of hope and encouragement for me moving forward and living my life to its fullest with my best friend at my side again," Pham said. "Bentley says thank you too."

Anyone else weeping openly yet??