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Now That Rihanna's Back On Instagram, Here's 9 Things We Want To See

BadGalRiRi made her triumphant return early this morning.

While most of us were extending the Halloween night celebration into a second day, Rihanna quietly rejoined Instagram. However, there's not much RiRi can do without the world celebrating, and so news broke quickly of this joyous celebration.

Rihanna's account was first deleted, then restored, and then more or less abandoned for nearly six months. But earlier this morning, she returned to the site with an upside down selfie and three additional quick posts acknowledging her time away. Now that she's back, we're hoping we can see these nine things return to her beloved page.

1. Her dance videos

Rihanna is never afraid to let other ladies know how things should be done, whether it's perfecting one's personal style or executing a flawless twerk. But it's been a while since RiRi was last on Instagram and twerking is more or less over. We'd love to see Rihanna show off her superior dance skills in other areas, perhaps with another Shmoney dance or some classic bopping.

2. Her challenges to Instagram's nudity policy.

Rihanna's exodus from Instagram earlier this spring was due to Instagram's (pretty archaic) nudity policy. Her account was temporarily suspended after the singer posted an image from her appearance on the cover of lui magazine. In the wake of that incident, RiRi returned by challenging Instagram's rules, posting illustrated images of nudity and even a picture of a bus with the magazine cover.

3. Her signature style.

No one does high and low fashion quite as well as Rihanna. Whether she's rocking ever-disappearing cut-off jorts with sky-high lace-up black stilettos or a gray jersey knit crop top and skirt with beige Manolo's, Rih Rih proves that her star style is just as sharp behind-the-scenes as it is on the red carpet.

4. Her bestie, Melissa.

Those of us severely mourning Rihanna's Instagram began following her ride-or-die best friend Melissa. The Rihanna appearances were frequent enough to tide us over, but it wasn't enough. Now that Rihanna's back, it'll be sweet to see the connections between the two's images as they traipse across the globe, basically living the best life ever.

5. Her vacation life.

The only person to do "vacation life" better than Rihanna is Beyonce (that's an indisputable fact). With that said, who doesn't want a glimpse of our girl living the luxe life, whether it's dips in the pool or a cultural exchange? RiRi works hard (clearly, seeing as she releases more music than almost any other mainstream pop star) and she also knows how to play hard, too.

6. Her 4/20 celebrations.

Speaking of playing hard, Rihanna is open about her love of "herbal refreshments." We expect to see MUCH more of this now that our Barbadian Queen is back.

7. Her impromptu photo shoots.

There's nothing quite as nice as an on-the-fly Rihanna photo shoot. For one, it proves that her stunning style and charisma translates, regardless of who's behind the camera. For another, it gives her fans something special to cherish outside of purchasing and recirculating the same, watered down photo shoots from larger publications.

>8. Her celebrity pals.

RiRi has a funny relationship with her celebrity pals. What makes Rihanna's Instagram so great is her willingness to make fun of herself and to let her hair down. And when she invites celebrity pals like Cara Delevingne or Jeremy Scott along for the ride, we also get a chance to see them letting loose too.

9. Her love of memes.

Some celebrities are clueless when it comes to the Internet. But Rihanna is a girl after our own hearts. She just GETS social media, whether it be her snappy twitter, flawless Instagram, or the culture of memes. Her Instagram is full of choice memes.