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'The Walking Dead': Alanna Masterson Explains Why Tara Is A Perfect Weapon

Masterson tells MTV News why Tara will be a major player moving forward.

In tonight's (November 2) episode of "The Walking Dead," "Slabtown," fans will finally see at least part of what happened to Beth (Emily Kinney) after her kidnapping last season. But equally important is the fact that half of the Grimes Gang took off for greener pastures in Washington at the end of last week, which one member of the group says will lead to some truly bananapants stuff.

"It's like jumping in a freezing cold pool," Alanna Masterson, who plays Tara, told MTV News over the phone. "Every episode. I read the episodes, and I'm shocked. I can't believe this is how the season is turning out. It's incredible."

Masterson added that the deaths of everyone in Tara's family, as well as her newfound selflessness, will make her a major asset to Abraham's "find the cure" group on the road going forward.

"Last season she lost everything, and in losing everything she wanted to give up," Masterson said. "Then this gentleman came along, Glenn, and he needed help. She just decided there was nothing really left for her to live for, other than to help other people. This group is now her family, so you'll start to see that Tara is a valued member in the sense that she's willing to help everyone -- it's not just Glenn or Maggie anymore. You'll start to see her character developed, and her storyline explained."

Part of this development will apparently include a new signature weapon -- like Tyreese's hammer, Michonne's Katana, and Daryl's crossbow -- but of course, the actress couldn't reveal what this badass murder-machine would be.

"You'll see it later on in the season," she teased. "I can't say much about it, but you'll see... [In real life] I grew up with four brothers, so I can pretty much beat up anyone."

Oh, and in even better news, Masterson said that Tara -- who is "The Walking Dead"'s first LGBT cast member -- might be meeting a love interest of sorts in the near future.

"I think there will be love for Tara in the future in this world," Masterson said. "You'll see some of that stuff with her, but it might take a bit longer than expected."

Post-apocalyptic Tinder -- get on that, Dr. Eugene. The newly-single Sasha would really appreciate it.