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If An Armored Car Started Spilling Cash On The Freeway, Would You Grab Some?

By the time the police arrived only $200 was left...

Imagine yourself cruising down the interstate, minding your own business, humming along to "Blank Space" on the radio, when all of a sudden you see a bag full of money on the side of the road. What do you do? Of course, it belongs to someone else of course, so you keep on driving.

Just kidding! Obviously you pull over and start stuffing cash by the handful into every available orifice.

At least, that’s what a handful of people did in Urbana, Indiana, after the lock on a GardaWorld armored truck malfunctioned, and sent a bag of bills tumbling on to the side of the highway around 8 a.m. yesterday morning.

The truck driver pulled over as soon as he noticed, but by the time he did cars were already pulled over, their occupants scrambling for cash. Eventually a fire truck stopped, turned its lights on, and people got in their cars left.

Cops who responded to the scene managed to save only $200. There’s no word yet how much money was taken, but one can assume the car was carrying a lot more.

The lucky citizens who got ahold of it should be careful, though: police have made an announcement that they want everyone to return the cash to the police headquarters, or potentially face charges of theft.