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Nicki Minaj Is Naughty And Nice In This Halloween Lingerie Look

That apple stands for a lot.

Not one to be left behind in the celeb Halloween costume mayhem, Nicki Minaj took to Instagram on All Hallows Eve to share one versatile look that she played two ways.

The Queen of the Barbz is well-known for her extravagant looks, and for her costume she took trick-or-treat quite literally, sporting red-hot lingerie that contains her inner duality.

The first look is Teacher's Pet:

...and the second is Bad Teacher:

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And finally, she posted some sensual lyrics to accentuate her outfit:

"Thinking how u would be thinkin, I'm feelin u close," she captioned the last shot.

Hmmm, that last one going out to anyone in particular Nicki? I know she'll never tell but I can't help asking.

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