These Babies Pulled Off The Perfect Jay-Z And Beyonce Costume

This kind of perfection honestly restores our faith in the next generation.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that all couples aspire to be Jay-Z and Beyonce. They are the ultimate power duo for whom the hashtag #RelationshipGoals was almost certainly invented for, and their superiority must be engrained into our next generation's minds before they even know how to walk, much less jam out to "Crazy In Love."

So when Beyonce posted this adorable pic of her and her hubby's two mini dopplegangers, our hearts absolutely exploded. Trigger warning: This picture WILL make you want to procreate just so you can dress your offspring exactly like this.

Bey accompanied the sweet snap with the most perfect caption: "Haaaaaaaaaaa." You laugh, girl, but we are practically crying over how amazing these little tykes are. It's hard to pin-point what the best part of this is: The amused faces of the pint-sized models? The fact that someone so perfectly replicated Bey's flag tee and her pigtail braids? Or the fact that they posed them in front of a fake Mona Lisa and shared it with the whole Internet?

No matter what, it's a sure thing that these mini icons had the most ***FLAWLESS Halloween costumes of anyone last night. Bravo, little ones!


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