Nathan Shields

This 'Walking Dead' Pancake Art Will Make You Want To Eat People Too

Way more delicious than brains.

Some artists craft greatness with a brush, some with a pencil and some... a spatula and some pancake batter. That's right, YouTube food artist Nathan Shields has been dishing up pancakes far fancier than our wildest dreams.

Remember that time your dad made a Mickey Mouse silhouette and you assumed he was some type of culinary genius? Well, I'm sorry to burst your white-picket fenced-in bubble, but this guy crushes the hot cake game.

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Shields delivers some fan-favorite cast members from "The Walking Dead" this Halloween, quipping, "After the zombie apocalypse, pancakes will be hard to come by, so enjoy them while you can."

Here's who he covered:


The katana wielding huntress never looked so tasty.

Glen Rhee

Every detail drawn right for the series regular.

Rick Grimes

Even the hero's weathered look and 5 o'clock shadow is served up perfectly.

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