Every Single Death In 'Saw,' Ranked

We ranked 51 deaths, so you didn't have to.

As we all know, a whole lot of people died in those "Saw" movies. Some of the deaths were quick and relatively painless, while others were completely rigged, nightmare-fuel body horror traps that will stay with us forever. So let's relive every single one (meaning the trap ones, Mark Hoffman's shooting spree doesn't count), ranking them in terms of awful:

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51. Jeff Reinhart, "Saw IV"


Shot by Luke from "Gilmore Girls." Eh. The bad stuff was all the killing he was forced to do first.

50. Gus Colyard, "Saw II"


Shot in the eye via "Magnum Eyehole Trap." He went fast. Good for him.

49. Amanda Young, "Saw III"

Shot in the neck after being a bad Jigsaw apprentice. She deserved worse, TBH.

48. Laura Hunter, "Saw II"


Succumbed to nerve gas in the "Nerve Gas House Trap."

47. Jonas Singer, "Saw II"

Beaten by a bat with spikes on it.

46. Adam Faulkner, "Saw"


Suffocated with a plastic bag after being left in a bathroom to rot. It was a mercy kill.

45. Xavier Chavez, "Saw II"

Cut the number off the back of his neck, then had his throat cut by a child.

44. Charles Saumn, "Saw V"

Killed in a nail bomb explosion via "The Ceiling Jars Trap."

43. Zep Hindle, "Saw"


Bludgeoned by a toilet seat cover. Rough.

42. John "Jigsaw" Kramer, "Saw III"


Our big bad had his throat slit by a power saw. It was a bummer, but the illness probably sucked a lot worse.

41. Art Blank, "Saw IV"


Had his spinal cord severed in the Spinal "Cutter Trap," then was shot to death.

40. Hank, "Saw VI"


Ribcage crushed by a vise in the "Oxygen Crusher Trap" after he couldn't hold his breath long enough due to a life of smoking. Tsk-tsk.

39. Eric Matthews, "Saw IV"

Head crushed by two ice blocks in the "Ice Block Trap." Fast, but also insanely gory.

38. Luba Gibbs, "Saw V"


Stabbed in the neck and electrocuted in the "Bathtub Trap." Had. To. Hurt.

37. Allen, "Saw VI"


Hanged by a barbed-wire noose in the "Hanging Room Trap" because he was deemed less important than his colleague.

36. Debbie, "Saw VI"


Impaled by a pipe in the "Head Spear Trap." She was also burned first, so you couldn't help but feel bad for poor Debs.

35. Jake, "Saw 3D"

Was run over by a car in the "Garage Trap." Believe it or not, he actually got off kind of easy.

34. Kara, "Saw 3D"

Had her head crushed by a tire in the "Garage Trap." Believe it or not, she also got off kind of easy. (Oh, there's more. Keep reading.)

33. Cale, "Saw 3D"


Pulled up and hung by a rope in "The Deafening Mask" because his friend was a dirty, bad liar.

32. Dr. Lynn Denlon, "Saw III"


Had her blown off in "Shotgun Collar Trap" despite doing everything right. Rough.

31. Agent Peter Strahm, "Saw V"

Luke from "Gilmore Girls" being crushed by closing walls is an image one might never forget.

30. Judge Halden, "Saw III"


Shot in the head via "Shotgun Box Trap" -- after nearly drowning in pig guts.

29. William Easton, "Saw VI"


Injected with acid and melted from the inside in the "Cage Trap." Sounds pretty "ouch."

28. Michael Marks, "Saw II"


Had to dig a key out of his eye lest he be stabbed by nails inside of a "Venus Flytrap." He lost.

27. Suzanne, "Saw 3D"


Impaled by three roads in her eyes and mouth in the "Impalement Wheel Trap."

26. Dan, "Saw 3D"


Had his arms and jaw torn off by a moving car in the "Garage Trap."

25. Rex, "Saw IV"


Died from blood loss after the rods stabbed through his arteries were slowly pulled out in the "Spike Trap."

24. Joyce Dagen, "Saw 3D"

Burned alive in the "Brazen Bull Trap." But that wasn't even the worst furnace trap, because...

23. Obi Tate, "Saw II"


Burned alive in the "Furnace Trap" while trying to retrieve the Nerve Gas antidote. But that's still not even the worst "burned alive" death, because...

22. Mark Rodriguez, "Saw"

Burned alive by a candle while covered in jelly in the "Flammable Jelly Trap." Now that's just mean.

18, 19, 20, 21. Aaron, Gena, Dave, and Josh, "Saw VI"

Shot with a shotgun in the "Carousel Trap." They went quick, but man is this trap unforgettable.

17. Addison Corday, "Saw II"

"Razor Box Trap." Classic. Yikes.

16. Ivan Landsness, "Saw IV"


Had his eye gouged out and was given the choice to lose another, or lose everything. He was then dismembered by chains in the "Bedroom Trap."

15. Ashley Kazon, "Saw V"


Decapitated in the "Collars Trap." It could have been avoided had they worked as a team. :(

14. Detective Allison Kerry, "Saw III"

Had her ribcage ripped out after dipping her hand in acid in an inescapable "Angel Trap." After this, we were all glad when Amanda was killed

13. Trevor, "Saw IV"

Bludgeoned by a hammer after his eyes were sewn shut in the "Mausoleum Trap" -- basically, he never stood a chance.

12. Paul Leahy, "Saw"

Cut repeatedly by razor wire in the "Razor Wire Maze Trap." Died from blood loss. Can't mess with the classics!

11. Eddie, "Saw VI"


Had to remove his own flesh, but died via drills to the head in the "Pound of Flesh" trap, anyway. It just wasn't enough, buddy!

10. Brenda, "Saw IV"


Scalped by the "Hair Trap." Nightmares to last a lifetime.

9. Jill Tuck, "Saw 3D"

Killed by Mark's "Reverse Bear Trap." Never gets old.

8. Danica Scott, "Saw III"


Slowly froze to death while completely naked -- being blasted with cold water in a freezer, of course -- in the "Freezer Room Trap."

7. Seth Baxter, "Saw V"

Was sliced in half in the inescapable "Pendulum Trap." Could only "escape" by drilling his own hands.

6. Evan, "Saw 3D"

Had to rip the skin off his own back, but then flew through the windshield in the "Garage Trap."

5. Cecil Adams, "Saw IV"

Face sliced by eight kitchen knives in the "Knife Chair Trap," one of Jigsaw's first. He could only survive by slicing his own face off.

4. Nina, "Saw 3D"


Throat cut and impaled by rods in the "Impalement Seat Trap." Oh, and a fishhook was tearing her up from the inside. If she screamed, the rods moved closer. (She screamed.)

3. Troy, "Saw III"


Had to rip ten chains out of his body in an unescapable "Classroom Trap." Got them out, then exploded anyway. Oye.

2. Dina, "Saw 3D"

Sliced in half in the "Bros Before Hoes Trap." Horrible, and also she was slut-shamed and made into public spectacle.

1. Timothy Young, "Saw III"


His entire body was twisted in a gruesome "Rack Trap." Earns the top spot only because of how excruciatingly long it took.