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What’s Cuter: North West's Halloween Costume Or THAT FAAAACE?

Kim and Kanye's baby girl looks adorable in her skunk suit.

"A skunk is on the loose!!!!" Kim Kardashian wrote on Instagram this morning. Fortunately, it was just a photo of her daughter, North West, dressed up for Halloween. Unfortunately, I may or may not have suffered a minor cardiac arrest because I'm way too invested in Kimmy K.'s IG.

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La Dauphine de la Maison Kimyé was apparently so excited to "show daddy" Kanye West her costume, that she stood waiting around the house for him all morning. Brace for maximum adorability, and check out the photos below.

That sound you hear is my finger tapping out "I CAN'T" in morse code on the hardwood floor upon which I've collapsed.

Instagram (@kimkardashian)

And look at that ballet pointe! We've got the future star of "Center Stage 2: I Can Also Do Stage Right" over here.

Instagram (@kimkardashian)

Get outta here, North. I just can't take the cuteness.

Instagram (@kimkardashian)

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