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The World's Loudest Burp Is Deafening: Watch The Vine

Your accomplishments mean nothing compared to this.

"My name is Paul Hunn and I am old enough to know better."

That's how the guy who currently holds the Guinness World Record for the loudest burp ever introduces himself on his website,

Hunn's record-breaking burp rang in at a deafening 109.9 decibels -- which is more than 10 decibels above the level that causes hearing loss after prolonged exposure. So, maybe don't wear headphones when playing this Vine?

Hunn has been the reigning belch champion for the past decade, except for in 2009 when someone beat his then-record of a 107.1 decibel burp. Obviously, he's rightfully earned back his throne since then. Hunn describes his burp technique -- which requires a lot of air and no food in his stomach -- in the video below.

"[The burping] started in the school playground really, where we used to have burping contests and I used to win hands down," Hunn further explains on his website. "I was also known to let one go in the classroom when the teacher's back was turned. Boys will be boys. I would sometimes practice at home after school, although this was frowned upon by my parents, particularly my Dad, although I do believe he's now secretly quite proud."

We know the feeling, dude. We're pretty damn proud of you as well.

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