Daniel Radcliffe Wouldn't Mind Being 'Horns'y Forever

He has a good head for it.

With reporting by Josh Horowitz

Sometimes, you choose parts. Other times, your head shape chooses parts for you.

The latter was the case for Daniel Radcliffe as Ig in "Horns," his latest movie... And his stellar acting may also have something to do with it, if the film's reviews are any indication.

He plays a young man who is A) accused of murder and B) starts inexplicably growing a pair of devil horns out of his head. Bummer situations both, made all the more bummer in combination.

Luckily for Radcliffe, he happens to have "a good head for horns" and didn't hate wearing the prosthetics, as he told us at San Diego Comic-Con.

"They're really cool, I don't even hate how they look," Radcliffe said. "They should look weird and wrong, but I do think they kind of suit me. I have a good head for horns!"

Find out more in the clip above.

"Horns" is in theaters now.