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Sister Drama: Khloe And Kourtney Kardashian Weren’t ‘Meshing’ During Hamptons Spin-off

Khloe straight up got on Kourtney's nerves.

With reporting by Andres Tardio

The Kardashian sisters packed up their bags and headed east for the summer, and finally we are about to witness all the crazy drama that went down during their New York months on the series premiere of "Kourtney & Khloe Take The Hamptons."

That's right -- we will get a glimpse inside Khloe's relationship with (maybe) former BF French Montana, witness some adorable moments with Kourtney's kids, Mason and Penelope, and be super jealous of that fabulous beach pad they stayed in.

But it wasn't all fun this season. There will be some serious moments as well, especially with Kourtney's longtime boyfriend, Scott Disick, who was one of the main reasons they chose the New York town as their summer getaway destination.

"Scott had a really tough year; he lost both of his parents and they have a home in the Hamptons," Khloe told MTV News. "And I think Kourtney...they had to go there and clean the house out and do personal things as well, but I think she thought it would be a good form of therapy for Scott, and I said I would go as a form of support, so it was very emotional, I think, for her and her family, and I just wanted to be there for support."

By the looks of it, Scott clearly had a hard time coping with life on the East Coast, resulting in him getting locked out of the house by Kourtney, who is expecting her third child, and visiting the emergency room for reported alcohol poisoning.

Khloe did her best to be there for Scott throughout the season, which, she told us, got a bit on her sister's nerves.

"I think, at times, me trying to be helpful I think maybe got on her nerves because she would feel either left out if I was trying to keep Scott busy or do stuff with Scott, which you'll see," Khloe said. "She would kind of get mad at me if I invited him places and I know the situation isn't anything toxic or bad, she just thought I always wanted him to be out. I just feel like we weren't meshing as well throughout every day."

The series kicks off Sunday on E!