So, Where Is Beth On 'The Walking Dead'?

We'll find out tonight!

"Where's Beth?"

That question has been on the mind of just about every "Walking Dead" fan since the youngest, surviving Greene sibling disappeared during season four's "Alone," last seen in a speeding car with a white cross painted on the back.

Tonight's episode, "Slabtown," will answer the question of Beth's whereabouts. But for the first time all season, the comics can tell us very little about what's going to happen — because Beth doesn't exist in the comics.

(Nevertheless, comic book spoilers are ahead.)

Sure, Maggie has sisters. There's Lacey…

…but she's, uh, pretty dead.

Maggie has other sisters, too: twins Susie and Rachel…

…and they are also extremely dead.

There are two Beths referenced in the comics. One of them is Abraham's ex-wife, who died before Abraham encounters Rick's group:

And the other is a woman named Beth, passingly mentioned in this scene:

This Beth also died before Rick encounters her group. She hailed from the Alexandria Safe-Zone, a safe haven that somewhat resembles an actual society:

Think Woodbury, but less evil. But bad stuff happened there before Rick and his friends found it. For example, there was this jerk named Davidson who was responsible for the deaths of several individuals, including the unseen Beth.

Could this be our Beth? Probably not, because our Beth is somewhere in Atlanta. The episode's title, "Slabtown," refers to a district in Atlanta. Plus, you can see the city for yourself in this preview for tonight's episode:

In the comics, our characters never really return to Atlanta, certainly not at this point in the story. And there isn't any kind of hospital subplot, either — nothing that lines up with Beth's surroundings.

In other words, your guess is as good as ours. It looks like the "Walking Dead" writers are getting inventive with the Beth storyline — and that's totally fine by us, considering (a) how faithful the last two episodes were to the comics, (b) Beth is a show-only character to begin with, and (c) some of the best parts of the show have absolutely nothing to do with the comics whatsoever. For example:

So, where's Beth? We'll all find out together, tonight.