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Would You Get Surgery To Change Your Eye Color? T.I.'s Wife Did

From brown to "ice gray."

There's nothing strange about a celebrity getting plastic surgery to enhance their assets, but T.I.'s wife, Tameka "Tiny" Harris, has taken comestic improvement to another level.

A few days ago, the reality star and former Xscape singer revealed via Instagram that she flew to Africa for eye surgery that would both enhance her vision -- and change her eye color.

Her formerly brown eyes are now what she describes as "ice gray," and, as you might expect, she's been criticized for undergoing a procedure that is still illegal in the U.S. In her lengthy Instagram post, she thanked the doctors at Brightocular for their help and even provided fans with a discount code if they were interested in having a procedure of their own, while pointing out that risk is always involved.

Then she made an appearance on "Good Morning America" where she explained her decision to get the surgery.

"They are ice gray. That's the color I purchased," Tiny explained on the show.

"They go into the eye and they make a little slit. They take an implant and it's folded up. They open it [and] spread it over your eye. They told me that the procedure was going to be quick, five to 10 minutes an eye. They woke me up. It was very blurry, then it kind of fades in."

She admitted that T.I. wasn't into it at first. "He was like, 'What are you doing?'" she said, adding that he eventually had a change of heart. "He loves them. He's OK with it as long as I'm healthy and don't have any problems."

Would you take the risk?