Sean Teegarden/Knotts Scary Farm via Getty Images

13 Spooktacularly Awkward Real-Life Horror Stories In Five Words

American Horror Story: YOUR LIFE.

Who needs to watch scary movies when the reality is so much more terrifying? This Halloween, let's not forget the real terror: LIFE ITSELF.

1. Pictures From Middle School Years

2. Accidentally Favorited Tweet While Creeping

3. Just Called My Teacher "Mom"

4. Bank Account is Zero - SURPRISE.

5. There's No Wi-Fi In Here?

6. Mom Commented On Profile Picture

7. How Do You Do Laundry?

8. Forgot Assignment Was Due Tomorrow

9. When Someone Texts Back "K."

10. Falling In A Public Area

11. Forgot To Put On Deodorant

12. When Someone Doesn't Wave Back

13. Pizza Isn't A Food Group

Still delicious though.

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