Taylor Swift Is A Magic Pony Princess This Halloween


Have you been wondering what exactly a "nightmare dressed like a daydream" looks like ever since Taylor Swift dropped 1989 early this week? Well, now we have a visual for that lyric, which comes from the song "Blank Space": Taylor's Halloween costume.

Tay shared a snap of her Hallo-duds via Instagram Friday morning (October 31), along with the caption: "Cause, darling I'm a nightmare dressed like a PEGACORN. #HappyHalloween!"

In the photo, Swift is kitted out like a rather depressed-looking mythological creature, staring almost forlornly as she rides an elevator... TO HELL (or at least we're imagining it that way).

The costume is a nod to Swift's appearance on Jimmy Fallon's "Ew!" segment, in which she plays a nerdy teen named Natalie who invents the a glittery animal called a Pegacorn.

OK, so, we get the daydream part of the song, sure -- who hasn't stared off into space in the middle of a hectic day, picturing winged horses gamboling through the clouds with Taylor Swift's face? But... nightmare? How are you a nightmare, lady? We're going to hazard a guess that this has something to do with that dead tooth.

Ah, we're just joshin' you, Tay! We're sure there's something deep and dark #taylurking down there in your kitten-filled soul, just waiting to break free.

In the meantime... HAPPY HALLOWEEN!