The 13 Grossest Foods You Can Make On Halloween

Slurp on this feet loaf.

Your ghost bananas and tangerine pumpkins are nothing compared to what I'm going to show you...

If you're a real Halloween die-hard, you're not going to be putting marshmallows on top of cupcakes for a "fun, ghouly confection." You don't need Pinterest or Family Circle to give you ideas. You make your own ideas. You get INTO IT. You stock up on catsup all year just so you have enough fake blood for tonight. You're not making little, cute mummy apples. No, you're making dinner so repulsive you may want to yack, but instead, you're going to devour it right up.

Here are the grossest foods you can make for Halloween, collected from those devoted Hallowieners around the Internet. Click on the pictures for more information about each thing.

1. Kitty Litter Cake

Melted Tootsie rolls make the best poop.

2. A Brain

Gives a new meaning to "brain food."

3. A Meat Body

Full of protein.

4. Witch Fingers

Hag bones are the crunchiest.

5. Ham Head

Literally the grossest food ever.

6. Meat Foot

Boneless, skinless, coming up!

7. Meat Hands


8. Severed Fingers

On a bloody bun.

9. Zombie Bento Box

A complete meal.

10. Diaper Dip

Recipe here, if you dare.

11. Lychee Eyeballs

The vitreous fluid is the best part.

12. Slimy Jello Worms

Good for slurping.

13. Used Band-Aids

You can barely taste the disease.

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