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Super Last Minute Halloween Costume: Taylor Swift

It's Halloween. Not, like, "it's Halloween ~season~" or "Halloween's ~in the air~"—it IS Halloween. Today. Right now. If you don't have your costume yet, it's OK. Just breathe. Open up your closet, and get your brain cranking. Or you can go to Forever 21 and get almost this entire last minute Taylor Swift costume!

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You probably own most of these things already, but just in case you don't we made it easy for you to pick up all the necessary items in one trip. Just make sure you hit up some sort of toy store on the way home to grab your own (plush) Meredith. It's INTEGRAL to the look.

+ Shirt: Classic Knit Top ($8)

+ Skirt: Plaid Skater Skirt ($16)

+ Bag: Zippered Faux Leather Satchel ($28)

+ Socks: Patterned Over-The-Knee Socks ($7)

+ Shoes: Platform Leather Mules ($38)

+ Cat: Toys R Us Plush 9-Inch Long-Hair Cat ($8)