Christie Goodwin / Getty Images

Say Hello To Katy Perry's New Purrrfect Tattoo

Hello Kitty is now a permanent part of Katy Perry's image.

Katy Perry just killed her chances to flip anyone off ever again. The "This Is How We Do" singer revealed a brand-new tattoo on her right middle finger today (October 30) featuring everyone's favorite cat character: Hello Kitty!

"Does this make my gang signs look soft now?" Perry joked.

(Yes. Yes, it does.)

Just hours before revealing the new ink, Katy sent out a foreshadowing Tweet upon discovering that Hello Kitty shares her astrological sign, shouting "OMG HELLO KITTY IS A SCORPIO TOO ILY!!!"

The Sanrio character historically celebrates her birthday on each November 1. This year the cat-clad third grader is heading over the hill as she turns 40 years old.

We're curious though... Does Katy remember that Hello Kitty is, in fact, NOT a cat? Also, how does Kitty Purry feel about a competing feline taking up permanent real estate on her mom's body?