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Tom Hiddleston Is Officially A Good Guy In New AMC Spy Series 'The Night Manager'

The internet's favorite villain is coming to small screens.

Your prayers for more Loki--uh, Tom Hiddleston have been answered! AMC has reportedly called dibs on “The Night Manager” which will star the “Avengers” actor alongside fellow Brit, Hugh Laurie.

The AMC and BBC co-produced mini-series will be based off of Le Carre’s 1993 espionage novel of the same name and follows an ex-soldier, Jonathan Pine (linked to Hiddleston), who after a series of unexpected events, goes undercover to catch an international criminal.

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Even though we love him as a playful villain, we have no doubt the “Thor” star will add his charming flair to the hero as well. Plus, the whole internet is convinced he's a Disney Prince so all the more reason to fall in love with him.

Laurie, who hasn't returned to TV since "House," is reportedly booked to play Pine’s nemesis, a black-market dealer. If you are familiar with Le Carre’s other spy works (“Tinker Tailer Soldier Spy, “A Most Wanted Man”) we can expect a crazy labyrinth of scandals, paranoia and betrayal.

While no stranger to BBC series and costume dramas, this is Hiddleston's first time on American TV, and with AMC's track record of stellar television series, we know he's in good hands.