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Usher In 'The Season' Of Nasir With The Full Version Of His New Single

And here's a pic of Nas getting licked by Madonna during a recent studio visit...??

Get out your chair, this is the season of Nasir!

Nas teased his new single, “The Season,” at the Run The Jewels event Wednesday night and now, you can listen to the song in its entirety.

The Queens legend rides the track, which uses J Dilla’s “Gobstopper” instrumental, with his signature metaphorically advanced flow. And the official version sparked the Twitter hashtag #SeasonofNasir.

“Young boy swag, I’m here today as well as the ‘90’s/but the past like my ass is behind me/ignite the Pyrex, try to bite this, get Nasty Nas-itis/arthritis when you try to write this,” he raps.

Dilla Dawg, of course, if from Detroit, which may be the reason Nas posted a picture of he and Madonna on Instagram with a quick mention of the Motor City.

“It's a NY & Detroit thing! @madonna,” he wrote.

Now we’re not ones to read into things, but the fact that the duo are posted up in the studio does lead one to believe that maybe Material Girl will put him on her forthcoming album. Or vice versa?