Here’s One Fact About Candy Corn That Will Blow Your Mind

No one thought to tell me about this?

Disclaimer: I don't care about Halloween.

I spend the entirety of this "holiday" wishing it was already over with -- but, I'm still a normal person who enjoys the free candy, at least. I'll take all of the Snickers and candy corn you want to give me. So, imagine my surprise this week, when I'm casually perusing Instagram and stumble upon a post explaining where candy corn actually got its name from (via

Something combusted in my brain.

Sure, it looks like corn -- duh -- but it never occurred to me that stacking pieces of candy corn would result in what looks like actual corn on the cob. The wave of emotions that washed over me was immediate. How have I lived on this earth for over two decades, completely unaware of this?

I felt like ...

What the $@#$@!$$@?

You're joking, right?

No, no, no, no -- I would've known this!

Am I NOT supposed to feel stupid for not knowing this before?

I can't believe that not even ONE of my friends thought to mention this.

This must just be a weird Halloween-induced nightmare about candy corn.