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Jess And Layton Sum Up Their 'Are You The One?' Hookup With The Same Word: 'Crazy'

They may not be a perfect match in life, but they were for one night in the Boom Boom Room.

Despite their intense physical attraction -- and what appeared to be a budding emotional connection -- Jess and Layton discovered on this week's "Are You the One?" episode that they're not a perfect match.

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Their shocked expressions at the jaw-dropping Match-Up ceremony certainly said it all -- especially after their very passionate hookup in the Boom Boom Room, which the two discuss in juicy detail in the "Pound Town Confessions" clip below. So tell us, kids, how was it?

"Intense, amazing, awesome, crazy," Jess says.

Layton agrees, even summing up their magical evening with one of the same adjectives. "I guess one word to describe it would be 'crazy,'" the blue-eyed hunk reveals. "We're both very passionate people. I was kind of the nice Southern boy, but I do have an intense side as well. So I think she definitely saw a little bit of that in the bedroom."

The spicy New Yorker certainly did -- Layton, she dishes, was better in the sack than all her previous partners (sorry, Jess' ex). "He's the type of man who really wants to make his woman feel amazing," she explains. "And he did."

So how would they rate each other in the bedroom on a scale of 1-10? Watch the video to find out, and be sure to catch a new episode of "Are You the One?" on Monday at 10/9c.