They're Heeere: See The Hauntings Begin In This New 'Real World: Skeletons' Teaser

Take a look…if you dare.

What's even scarier than the monsters beneath your bed? How about the skeletons you left dangling in your closet?

This December, "Real World" will shake up its forthcoming 30th season by introducing a brand-new twist: The cast's seven original strangers -- who'll shack up in a converted Chicago nightclub -- will be haunted by their own ghosts of Christmas past. Yup, they'll each be forced to confront the last person (or people) on Earth they'd like to see, and in the sneak peek below, it's very clear the curve ball won't be taken so lightly.

The Blair Witch may have had the sneak attack down and the House of Wax swallowed an entire town whole, but nothing can top the terror of coming face-to-face with someone you've sworn off completely, especially if you might have to LIVE WITH SAID HATED HUMAN BEING. Better start gathering those garlic cloves and crosses, "Real World" newbies.

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