7 Things 'Nightcrawler' Is Not About

Just clearing things up.

Jake Gyllenhaal's "Nightcrawler" hits theaters October 31, and is already rolling on a wave of positive critical momentum. The flick is billed as a suspenseful drama, but other common descriptors include "hilarious" and "dark." Not to mention, nobody actually seems to know what the thing is about.

We won't spoil the surprise, beyond the basic premise -- Gyllenhaal is a freelance TV news cameraman with a thirst for glory and a vocabulary filled with MBA program buzzwords -- but we can tell you what "Nightcrawler" is not about.

1. Nightcrawler from "X-Men"

2. Creepy Crawlers

3. European Nightcrawler worms

4. This baby

5. Not this dog, either

6. Not this baby, either

7. Or this knight

We good? We clear? Good.

"Nightcrawler" crawls into theaters -- but not literally -- October 31.