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Listen Up: Nice Girl Lauren Conrad Has Something To Say About Name-Calling

The former 'Hills' star is offering tips on how to always take the high road.

Lauren Conrad dealt with a few rocky friendships during her years on "The Hills" -- we all remember her epic showdowns with Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt -- but through the dramz, heartache and mascara tears, the carefree gal always took the high road.

In fact, referring to a certain someone as a “sucky person” was about as harsh as LC got, and she did her best to avoid -- no matter how deep her frustration -- name-calling.

Now, after fans brought up the subject on her eponymous website, the style maven has offered some advice in a column titled "How to Deal with Name Calling." Her most important tip is simple: Just don't do it.

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"Avoid calling other people names," Mrs. Tell writes. "If you don't fall into the cycle yourself, you will look like a class act and avoid any unnecessary drama." Hear, hear!

But if you've been a victim, the entrepreneur has three key pointers to keep in mind. The first: Confront the situation head-on.

"You always, always have the right to defend yourself in any situation where you feel you've been wronged," she explains. "If you aren't feeling up to the challenge, that's fine too. But if you are going to have that difficult conversation, you must remain calm. And above all else, do not call the person anything hurtful."

Second, kill them with kindness. "Win by being nicer," LC says. "Don't stoop down to their level; don't come back with an equally hurtful attack." Spoken just like the young lady who handled all of those cringeworthy Les Deux run-ins with Speidi so perfectly!

Lastly, Lauren says, don't sweat it. "Whether you've confronted the situation or taken the high road and let it go, try not to let it get you down," she offers. "Who cares what that person thinks of you? If they're judgmental enough to say something negative about you, they might not be someone you want to be associated with anyway." AMEN, SISTER.

+ What do you think of Lauren's advice, and do you have any other tips for those who are dealing with name-calling? Let us know your thoughts.