Gamergate Suffers Ultimate Defeat, Anita Sarkeesian Appears On 'Colbert Report'

Also, Stephen Colbert comes out as feminist.

If you haven't heard about Gamergate at this point, you probably should just consider yourself lucky.

The topic, which has plagued social media and the /r/gaming subreddit for the past few months finally reached the point last night (10/29) where the nation's greatest political mind, Stephen T. Colbert, had to weigh in.

As Colbert mentions in the segment above, a lot of the Mountain Dew-fueled rage of Gamergame targeted one woman, the objectively awesome media critic Anita Sarkeesian, who received death threats because she had the nerve to point out that many mainstream games have a problems with how they portray women.

If Gamergate fancies itself the Rebel Alliance, then Anita Sarkeesian is Emperor Palpatine... if Emperor Palpatine made really valid observations about the inherent flaws of the Rebel Alliance and just wanted to make the world a more equal and inclusive place.

Anyway, for the second half of his segment on Gamergate, Colbert welcomed Sarkeesian onto his show.

So now Sarkeesian has Joss Whedon and Stephen Colbert firmly on her side. I think that's when you've officially lost any argument.

If you'd like to learn more about gender bias, check out the Look Different campaign.