Another ‘American Horror Story’ Alum Is Coming To 'Freak Show'

Welcome back, Lily Rabe, a.k.a. Sister Mary Eunice.

Two different seasons of “American Horror Story” are about to become even more linked when Lily Rabe brings her “Asylum” role, Sister Mary Eunice, to “Freak Show.”

Along with the return of another Season 2 favorite, Pepper (played by Naomi Grossman), Season 4 marks the first time that any of the previous seasons have crossed over.

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According to EW, Sister Mary Eunice will arrive during the 10th episode, which will explore how she and Pepper end up at Briarcliff Manor.

Rabe's character will be 10 years younger, and it remains unclear if she will have already become a nun or not -- we've got a pretty good feeling that something sinister down in Jupiter, Florida, will drive her to a life of piety.

Producer Ryan Murphy revealed that the decision to bring back characters from previous seasons wasn't easy: “We thought about it long and hard and we decided that it was interesting to do.”

Along with the news that Neil Patrick Harris and his husband, David Burtka would be joining the "AHS" cast and the addition of modern musical numbers, "Freak Show" is quickly becoming one of the most intriguing seasons yet.