Go Behind The Scenes Of 5SOS' 'Good Girls' Video

Who gave these boys megaphones? C'mon!

5 Seconds of Summer caused a total reform-school riot in their "Good Girls" music video, released earlier this month. And now, a new clip takes us behind the scenes of that rebellious shoot.

If you remember from the video itself, the guys assume the roles of a straight-laced string quartet that has been charged with turning bad girls into good girls. However, as we all know now, good girls are bad girls that haven't been caught.

But as this new clip shows us, drummer Ashton Irwin wasn't too keen on his "good guy" hat head. "Basically there's a lot of girls screaming, and I've been sitting behind bars watching them," Irwin says on the set. "OK that sounds creepy. But not as creepy as my hairdo today."

Honestly, we have to agree. His sweat-drenched headbands and usual shaggy 'do suit him so much better.

Video director Issac Rentz, the same mastermind behind 5SOS' "Amnesia" and "Don't Stop" videos, shares that they hoping to spread some female empowerment.

"I wanted to make something that had an empowering message for girls," Rentz says in the BTS video. "And we're kind of having fun with the idea of some of the expectations that girls have put on them to be quiet and mild-mannered."

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Meanwhile, guitarist Michael Clifford and bassist Calum Hood are seen causing a ruckus of their own on set with a pair of megaphones, producing a cacophonous symphony of ear-deafening beats with the various siren features.

Clifford also teases an idea that never made it off the drawing board when he asks the director, "Have we canned the thing with me being a girl?"

WHAT? You mean we totally missed out on seeing Michael in drag? Re-do, please.

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