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11 Times Britney Spears And Christina Aguilera Totally Channeled 'The Craft'

They are the weirdos, mister.

Theory: Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, despite their Pop Queen statuses, fully and completely embody the values laid out in the #dark '90s teen-witch classic, "The Craft."

Britney and Christina?

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They're totally all about "The Craft," and here's why.

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1. And I'm not just talking about the Catholic school uniforms.

2. Or their habit of wearing black every now and then.

3. Although I could talk about that. A lot.

4. Brit and Xtina represent a balance of all of life's elements, having previously harnessed the power of fire.

5. Water (Still Can't Believe They Censored This)

6. The Life-Giving Properties Of Mother Earth

7. And air. Or at least wind machines. And glitter.

8. Britney's got a thing for slithering animal familiars.

9. And Christina's "Fighter" video basically sums up Neve Campbell's entire character arc in four minutes.

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Xtina starts out all covered up and smothered, both emotionally and sartorially.

She gets some needles stuck in her back.

Then she blossoms, giving 'em shoulders and everything.

Until she gets a li'l OTT at the end.

10. And Brit and Xtina are all about sisterhood. Remember "Crossroads"?

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11. Remember "Can't Hold Us Down"?

If that's not drinking of your sisters and taking into yourself all the powers of Manon, then I don't know what is.