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11 Things Harry Styles' Ruffled Shirt Looks Like

Last night, at the launch of A String of Naked Lightbulbs, Harry Styles, fresh off One Direction’s Where We Are Tour, wore a white ruffled shirt. The ruffles ran the length of the front of his shirt and fluttered out beyond the lapels of his suit jacket. It was a new look for Harry—while his original performance outfit was a button-up with shirt and blazer, the ruffles were a brand new addition.

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Honestly, we were so taken aback when we saw Harry's ruffles that we couldn't help but think of a bunch of other things they resembled (mostly, like, homewares). Peep the 11 best examples below!

1. Jerry Seinfeld's shirt

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2. This underwear


3. This cake

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4. This shower curtain

Country Door

5. Mozart's shirt (also, their hair matches)

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6. This bedskirt


7. Prince's shirt

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8. A carnation

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9. A communion dress

Pretty Flower Girl

10. This bedspread (and pillowcases!)

Urban Outfitters

11. A flamenco dancer's skirt

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