Cop With Foot Fetish Charged After Allegedly Asking To Smell Woman's Feet

Reportedly, he'd overlook criminal charges for a whiff of toes.

A Houston-area driver suspected something strange was, well, afoot, when she was pulled over by Officer Patrick Quinn, a policeman for a local school district. Quinn reportedly found marijuana paraphernalia in the woman's car and told her he would let her off in exchange for a sniff of his drug of choice, her feet.

Quinn allegedly confessed to the woman that he has a foot fetish, and his story checks out: some reports indicate that the now-suspended officer may have made a similar request to a number of other people. According to the driver, Quinn's appetite for the scent of a woman doesn't end at feet, he also reportedly told her that if she handed over her panties, the paraphernalia would disappear from his short term memory.

Eventually, Quinn let the woman go, and, according to her, did not ultimately demand a sniff in exchange for his clemency. While the driver's problems ended there, Quinn's have not. He is charged with two counts of "official oppression," and is currently out on two thousand dollars bail.