Rob Dyrdek's Twitter

Rob and Big Are Turds. Human Turds.

See the 'Fantasy Factory' friends circling the drain.

Pooped? Feeling like crap? Day gone to sh** (just try to stop us...)? Well, Rob Dyrdek and Big Black are here to help you stop circling the drain.


The two "Fantasy Factory" favorites, who each love a good BM, made an outright mockery of plumbing snakes far and wide yesterday when Rob tweeted a photo in which he and his larger-than-life pal channel the cesspool of their dreams and pose in matching piles of synthetic dookie. How many Glade PlugIns will it take, friends?

Rob Dyrdek's Twitter

"Ok, dressing up like two giant turds isn't going too far. What about if we Plip and Plop right out of a giant butt?" Rob posted with the photo above, which looks like an outtake from Schoolhouse Rock's digestive special. And you thought the mess your Pomeranian made on the basketball court yesterday was a hassle -- just imagine the plumbing required to make these two stool samples history! We might just need that second bottle of Drano... Halloween costumes ever, or just another day in the office?

Tell us if you're surprised by Rob and Big's new looks, and come clean if you ever got an interview at the Fantasy Factory!