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11 Problems 'The Funny One' Always Has To Deal With

These will ring true for funny girls everywhere.

You're the life of the party; the one who always has the last word. Your friends still regale the story about the time you streaked that chess tournament in high school, and people can find you in crowds by following the sound of the laughter around you. You're "The Funny One."

On Girl Code" tonight, airing on MTV at 11/10c, the cast is talking about being funny. What is it really like? Sure, being known for your sense of humor has plenty of perks, but life as the group clown isn't always a barrel full of monkeys, as evidenced by these 11 often-overlooked problems that you're constantly dealing with.

1. You're always expected to be "on."

Being funny may look effortless, but it actually requires a lot of energy, and sometimes you're just not in the mood to churn out punchline after punchline. When this is happens, though, you face disappointing your friends and those to whom you have been built up as "freaking hilarious."

2. People feel comfortable revealing embarrassing information about you.

What makes a lot of funny people funny is a willingness to divulge personal information, or to speak without a filter. You may chose to reveal a humiliating anecdote about yourself, but that isn't an open invitation for your friends to bring up the time you peed your pants every time they need an ice breaker.

3. You're the wing-woman.

Because you're funny, you can get along with a wide variety of people, including that dude at the bar who looks like a sack of potatoes and talks endlessly about his pet chinchilla. Your friends rely on you to ease the social tension in a hook up situation, often forgetting that you might like to get some action yourself.

4. You get tagged in unflattering pictures.

Being funny can be more important to you than looking hot: like when you bust out your best party trick: a dead-on impression of a manatee. But that doesn't mean you want pictures of yourself looking unattractive on the internet. Yeesh. You're still a woman.

5. No one takes you seriously.

Funny people have opinions too, but often they fall on deaf ears. When you try to voice your stance on a serious issue, you're often met with an eye roll or a condescending dismissal.

6. You're expected to be able to quote every funny movie.

Non-funny people put all funny things and people in the same category, almost as if they believe that every funny person went to a secret school where they learned episodes of "Archer" and "South Park" by heart. You're frequently spoken to in movie and TV quotes and met with disappointment when you are unable to reciprocate.

7. People say mean things to you and assume you'll have a sense of humor about it.

You're so self deprecating at times, it's almost as if you developed your sense of humor as a defense mechanism. Every joke needs a victim, and you often volunteer yourself for the position. Your friends mistake this for an invitation to roast you whenever they see fit.

8. The bar set for your Maid of Honor speech is ridiculously high.

Weddings are stressful for you because in addition to worrying about where the single dudes are, you're bombarded by guests who tell you how excited they are for your knee-slapper of a speech...and then avoid eye contact after you tell an inappropriate story about the bride in an attempt to live up to their expectations.

9. Weirdos gravitate to you.

Perhaps it's your ability to turn every bizarre interaction into a story, but you seem to leave a trail of bat s*** crazy bait everywhere you go. From the subway to the quad: wackos are drawn to you like moths to a flame.

10. You are shamed for turning down dares.

You value a good laugh above many things: sometimes including your safety and dignity. You have to be in the right mood to go out dancing with your dress intentionally tucked into your underwear, however, and when you aren't, you're very worth as a person is questioned.

11. Birthdays and holidays mean gag gifts and more gag gifts.

One remote-controlled farting machine is funny. Four is a burden. You have a closet full of prank toys so big you're considering opening your own Spencer's Gifts. WTF. Funny girls like lotions and candles too.

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