Watch Live, Uncensored Footage Of A Zombie In The Wild

The walking, webcamming dead.

What happens when Animal Planet gets bored of doing the same seasonal "adorable pets in Halloween costumes" slideshow year after year? Answer: They up the ante with a whole new species of special Halloween programming, featuring a raw, real, uncut livestream of a zombie in the wild.

Or at least, in a conference room.

Animal Planet claims to have captured the zombie on Monday morning, when employees coming into work found it (her?) roaming the hallways in search of human flesh. At last viewing, the zombie had already destroyed the room and was now contentedly gnawing on what looked an awful lot like a human femur. You can keep an eye on the action via the #ZombieCam portal on the channel's website, at least until the zombie escapes, infects the entire building, and triggers the end of the world, which anyone who's ever watched a horror movie knows is bound to happen eventually.

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