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Police Arrest Man For Animal Sex Video, But It Was Just A Tiger Costume

"That's grrrrrrreat!" the tiger reportedly says.

Halloween is a couple days away, and your costume looks super realistic, right? Not compared to this one.

Andrew Holland, a 51-year-old bus driver from Wales, recently announced a campaign to change the country's obscenity laws after police arrested him in 2009 for possessing animal pornography -- but there was only one problem: It was just a furry cosplaying Tony the Tiger.

"That beats doing Frosties ads for a living," the tiger apparently says, adding, "That's grrrrrrreat!"

This story sounds insane, but we confirmed it with North Wales police. We'll give you a second for your head to stop hurting.

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Unfortunately, Holland claims that police didn't listen to the audio. "[W]hen I told them to listen to it, and it was obvious it was a man in a tiger costume, they just replied they didn’t have audio,” he told the Daily Post.

Holland says that a friend sent him the six-second clip as a joke.

“I lost my job, I had to move and I ended up having a heart attack with all the stress of it,” Holland says in an interview with the Independent. “I was threatened on more than one occasion.”

We asked a police spokesperson to explain how this possibly happened. "It's five years old -- we're not commenting," he said, but acknowledged that the charges were dropped within a year and that Holland is now "calling for some changes in the law."

Yeah, it sounds like the cops might want to focus their efforts on real crimes. Sonny the Cuckoo Bird seems like he might be up to some shady dealings.

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