Julia Panek MTV

Iggy Azalea Gives In To The Power Of Pumpkin Spice

Join the pumpkin spice movement and stop being a hater.

Haters are gonna hate hate hate on pumpkin spice. They take issue with you collecting candles, sippin' on your lattes, munching on your Oreos and spraying your pumpkin spice hair. But after a lifetime of holding out, turns out Iggy Azalea is no longer one of those haters.

Azalea finally came to this realization with one simple tweet, and we couldn't be more proud. Welcome to the fall family, love. Because at this point, who's really winning in the fight over the autumnal flavor: the smelly people who dis pumpkin spice or the happy people who get to sniff the delicious scent all day?

Didn't think we'd notice and write an entire post about it, did you, Iggy? Well, yeah, our pumpkin spice love runs wild over here at MTV News.

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