'Happyland' Scandal Report: Dazzle Beauty Learns The Dirty Truth

Harper Munroe got more than she bargained for on a double date.

School might be out for the summer in Dazzle, but Harper Munroe just got one hell of an education.

Ann Lamore and Shannon Baek

Last night, Happyland's redheaded beauty was enjoying some hot wings on an equally spicy date with Park Prince Ian Chandler when Chandler's secret sister Lucy Velez showed up with an intern she's reportedly been seeing. And though the foursome were fine sharing a table at the get-go, Tuesday Teen has learned things took a nosedive once the party moved operations to the amusement park.

In the midst of the interns' traditional "Ricky 360" initiation, Munroe got word that Chandler and Velez had kissed and confronted Happyland's newest Princess Adriana about why she so cruelly withheld the intel. Then, sources say, a wild argument caught fire between the two, and the only way Velez could quell the flames was to tell Munroe the truth -- that she and Chandler discovered they shared a father not long after locking lips and agreed to keep their encounter a secret. Next, on "Springer"...

Now, Tuesday Teen hears Velez is terrified word will spread. Got any more on the story? Get in touch with Tuesday Teen!

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