Daniel Radcliffe's Rapping Skills Are So Good They Have To Be Sorcery

Radcliffe raps, risin' up rapidly, riding the rushing Radcliffe-itivity.

Daniel Radcliffe, who at this point is basically the best person in the world and the Actual King of Everything, has added another gem to his crown. It started during his appearance on "The Tonight Show," where Radcliffe explained to host Jimmy Fallon that he's always had a soft spot for fast, lyrically complex rap songs.

Songs like, oh, say, "Alphabet Aerobics" by Blackalicious.

"That would be one," Radcliffe said.

"You know how to do that whole song?" Fallon asked. "That's one of the trickiest, fastest songs I know."

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Obviously, the next step was to hand Daniel a microphone and let him have at it. But -- and we just want you to be fully prepared for this -- however good you think the "Horns" star's rapping skills might be? They're better.