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JWoww's Daughter's Halloween Costume Is The Cutest: See The Pics

Sorry, make that costumes.

Despite what you've heard about all that free candy, Halloween is really all about those adorable, "SQUEE!"-inducing baby costumes -- something Ms. Jenni Farley knows all too well.

This week, the "Snooki & JWoww" star shared a whole lotta such cuteness on her blog, dressing daughter Meilani up for her very first Halloween in not one, but three different ensembles.

Here's Meilani The Candy Corn Queen

Meilani The Bumblebee Baby

And Finally, Meilani As Snow White

JWoww expressed that she's having a little trouble picking the perfect first Halloween costume for her little girl, so now we get to witness Meilani's squeezable little cheeks in every outfit imaginable.

"Literally I wanted Meilani to try on a million costumes because she just looked so freaking cute in everything!" Farley wrote on her blog. "I couldn’t [decide] on just one!"

Farley also promised that there will be more costumes to come, and she'll be posting more photos in the days leading up to Halloween.

Earlier this week Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi told MTV News that she picked up a pumpkin costume for Meilani, although bb Lorenzo and extra-bb Giovanna's costumes remain a mystery.