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Celebrate National Cat Day With 19 Photos Of Cats Wearing Clothes

Is there any other way?

Whether you knew it already or not, today is National Cat Day. According to (because what other source would you trust with accurate information on this holiday?), the day was founded in 2005 by Pet and Family Lifestyle Expert & Animal Welfare Advocate Colleen Paige in an effort to encourage prospective cat owners to adopt rescues and to give fur mommies another annual excuse to pamper their babies. Today, we're taking to the internet, trying to help spread the celebration message. But also just using it as an excuse to look at cats wearing clothes. Either way, you're welcome. Now, to the cat pix.

1. Check out this guy who's ready for a fancy meal.

2. This one could be modeling for Marc by Marc Jacobs circa Spring/Summer 2013.

3. This dude in a leather moto t-shirt is one tough hombre.

4. But this one with a helmet looks ready for the open road.

5. Two kittens in knit frog hats are definitely better than one.

6. And this selfless cat actually wants to celebrate you today.

7. Not sure I've ever even seen a human do the Western look this well.

8. And this maribou-ed and chapeau-ed cat is a picture perfect lady who lunches.

9. Isn't this a Scottish fold after Taylor Swift's heart?

10. Meanwhile, I'm pretty sure this one is called "Kitty Purry."

11. This kitten just wants to get in on the normcore trend.

12. And this cat is channelling Cam'ron's iconic pink mink.

13. Only to be one-upped by this cat wearing Cam'ron's custom ebola mask.

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14. This cat appears to be a huge fan of Luna Lovegood.

15. But this one might be a fan of Lolita.

16. What's fancier than a princess?

17. Well, just check out this fancy girl.

18. And this even fancier girl.

19. Finally, this patriotic cat puts the "National" in "National Cat Day."

Happy National Cat Day, y'all!