Taylor Swift's '1989' Syncs Up Perfectly With 1989's Biggest Movies

...It's almost like she planned this.

You may not be able to decide what your favorite song off of Taylor Swift's 1989 is (or can you?), but there's one thing we can all agree on: the album is like, totally '80s. But something you might not have realized? 1989 brilliantly syncs up with 1989's biggest movies.

Or at least, if 1989 had been released in the year of its name, it would have worked great for some incredible end-credits songs. So here's what you should pop in your VCR while listening to every track on the album:

"Welcome To New York"

Movie: "New York Stories"

Why? Okay, so maybe a movie anthology partially directed by Martin Scorsese and Woody Allen isn't prime TaySway fodder, but the movie gave a broad swathe of the city that never sleeps - just like the song.

Alternate Movie: "Police Academy 6: City Under Siege"

"Blank Space"

Movie: "She's Out Of Control"

Why? The comedy about a Dad finding out his nerdy little girl isn't so little - or nerdy - anymore ties in perfectly with lyrics about, "so it's gonna be forever, or it's gonna go down in flames."

Alternate Movie: "Harlem Nights"


Movie: "Fletch Lives"

Why? There's no specific plot tie-in from the song to the Chevy Chase comedy sequel, but "Style" just sounds like it belongs at the end of a mystery movie. Plus, if anyone was ever going to play Taylor Swift in a movie, 1980's Chevy Chase's mix of goofy lack of shame and sexy swagger would fit perfectly. Yes, we just said Chevy Chase should play Taylor Swift in a movie. Deal with it.

Alternate Movie: "Pink Cadillac"

"Out Of The Woods"

Movie: "Say Anything"

Why? Because more than any song on the album, "Out Of The Woods" feels like it got up and walked out of a 1980's romantic comedy and ended up in 2014. Heck, if it was sung by Tears for Fears, we could easily see director Cameron Crowe picking it for the original movie's soundtrack. And the lyrics also perfectly encapsulate the fragile, broken relationship between Lloyd (John Cusack) and Diane (Ione Skye). Hold it over your head playing on a boombox for ultimate synergy.

Alternate Movie: None. There's no other possibility. This is perfection.

"All You Had To Do Is Stay"

Movie: "Gross Anatomy"

Why? The story of a medical student who's education gets complicated by romance deserves a song about a messy relationship.

Alternate Movie: "The Fabulous Baker Boys"

"Shake It Off"

Movie: "Troop Beverly Hills"

Why? It's tough to find a fit for what's probably the most modern sounding song on 1989, but we think we found it: an end credits outtakes dance party featuring the cast of this Shelley Long comedy. Long plays a rich housewife forced to take care of a rowdy group of Girl Scouts, and she just has to... Wait for it... Shake it off.

Alternate Movie: N/A

"I Wish You Would"

Movie: "Dead Poets Society"

Why? "I'll never forget you as long as I live," Swift sings in the chorus, perfectly encapsulating how we feel about John Keating (Robin Williams), pretty much across the board.

Alternate Movie: "Chances Are"

"Bad Blood"

Movie: "She-Devil"

Why? Do we really need to explain why a song called "Bad Blood" is perfect for a movie about Roseanne Barr's ditched housewife taking revenge on her ex-husband and his new wife?

Alternate Movie: "War Of The Roses"

"Wildest Dreams"

Movie: "The Dream Team"

Why? Hey, sometimes in the '80s all you needed was a word of connection between the end-credits song and the movie's title. The Michael Keaton comedy about four crazy dudes may not have any more connection to the song, but, you know. It was a crazy time.

Alternate Movie: "Nightmare On Elm Street 5: The Dream Warriors"

"How You Get The Girl"

Movie: "When Harry Met Sally..."

Why? That's how you get the girl? How you lose the girl? We want a reedit of the Rob Reiner classic's end credits, ASAP.

Alternate Movie: "Always"

"This Love"

Movie: "The Little Mermaid"

Why? Disney has a long tradition of attaching either pop stars singing their animated princess movie's stand-out ballads, or a semi-related song. "This Love" falls under the latter. Not only does it sound like Swift is singing underwater in the song, the lyrics are all about currents, drowning and following your love wherever it takes you.

Alternate Movie: N/A

"I Know Places"

Movie: "sex lies videotape"

Why? Not that Steven Soderbergh's movie, which essentially started the indie film movement, needed any additional songs on the soundtrack... But Taylor's lyrics are all about hiding from cameras. So there you go.

Alternate Movie: N/A


Movie: "Black Rain"

Why? "And the sky turned black like a perfect storm, the rain came pouring down." Case closed.

Alternate Movie: N/A

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