This Millennial Horror Story Will Chill Your Bones

It's the opposite of 'The Ring' — get it?

Phones are pretty much a constant in horror movies -- whether you've got the killer calling from inside the house or some creepy breathing on the other side of the receiver. However, in a video short titled “What Terrifies 20-Somethings On Halloween," it's the absence of phones that's really scary.

A finalist in Guillermo del Toro/YouTube's House Of Horrors contest, this little video -- created, in part, by Paul Gale (who made that amazing video about why Starbucks gets your name wrong) -- features comedians like Sunita Mani (Lil Jon’s "Turn Down For What") and was directed by T.J. Misny.

Check it out below. And maybe, just maybe, leave your phone at home this Halloween... Trust us, this vid will scare you straight when it comes to cell obsession.